Servizi_ HotelCo.

The services offered by HotelCo. Italy are many, in fact our consultants have years of experience in a multitude of sectors related to hospitality such as Food & Beverage, Revenue Management, web & graphic design, Web and social media marketing to finish with software development. management dedicated to the hotel world.

Let’s not forget our motto: your guests, our passion that encompasses our Mission which is to make your guests feel at home, without making them miss the typical hotel services.

Our consultant Sara will support you in the renewal of the Food & Beverage management by professionally analyzing your spaces and how you manage your catering services, and will give you her tips to optimize spaces, dining room and dishes to serve.

  • ICT consulting

    Our consultants, thanks to their experience in the IT and ICT field, will support you in the design and construction of your IT infrastructure and VoIP telephony, video surveillance systems via IPCAM.

  • Business Management and Organizational Consulting

    Thanks to our hotel consultants, they will support you in the operational management of your facility. From the Room Division to the Food & Beverage and Revenue Management department, Davide and Andrea will guide you in choosing the best sales and Revenue management tactics and techniques to optimize your costs and optimize your revenues.

  • Web Marketing & Social Media Marketing

    Our advertising experts will follow you to design and organize your web and social marketing campaigns to ensure that your structure is known by the target customers of your choice. We take care of the page design, the study of the contents and the drafting of editorial plans for social advertising.

  • Hospitality Software House

    We are always looking for the perfect software to manage your facility, and if it doesn’t exist, we’ll create it. Our expert developers design and study the ideal solutions suitable for every hotel need.

  • Food & Beverage Management.

    Our consultant Sara will support you in the organization of the F&B department, from the organization of the breakfasts, to the training of the dining room staff. Let’s not forget the Banqueting and events sector where we could support you in the organization.

  • Hospitality Photografer

    Our team of photographers will support you for the photo shoot of your structure to be published on the website and on the social pages and of the various OTAs.

  • Landing Page Solution ©

    HotelCo. Italia has developed a landing page system aimed at companies operating in the hospitality field that allows them to manage Leads Generation and Marketing campaigns.Thanks to the Langing Page Solution, our customers can create their own Landing Page (with our developers) and through the Landing Page Control Panel © manage all the Leads Generated, export them to Excel and filter them to work on them. You can try a demo at (ITALIAN)

  • Web Design & Graphic Design Alberghiero

    A team of experts will be able to support you from the design to the creation of your website. We are also able to link your site to the main Channel Managers in order to make all the Revenue operations centralized.

    The Web Design division, specialized for years in the design and creation of websites for hotels, is pleased to invite you to visit its demo site where you can test all the potential of our HotelCo system. hospitality web system. studied together with hoteliers for hoteliers.

    Contact us on the contact page for a free, no-obligation consultation.

  • Mail Marketing & Newsletter Management

    We deal with the Design and Management of Newsletters in the and Hospitality, we manage the mail lists and the contents of the mails and take care of their dissemination.

    Thanks to our Content Managers, expert in drafting professional texts in the Hospitality & Food & Beverage field, your newsletters will be interesting and captivating.

    We have been operating for years in various sectors, and thanks to our Landing Page Solution © system, you will have your own customized and branded company Newsletter system that will allow you to manage your lists, and your contents, will allow you to export your contact lists and send your company newsletters quickly and easily.

Servizi HotelCo. Italia - Formula GCA

Our GCA formula (Hotelier Account Management)

The HotelCo. Italia Hotelier Account Management (GCA) formula allows you to free yourself from the operational bureaucracies that derive from the management of a para hotel company. Our team will take care of all marketing operations, operational management and reservations.

Thanks to his many years of experience he will manage everything related to social media marketing, booking management and all the check-in and check-out procedures of your guest.

Let’s not forget our strong operational partnerships, you can also count on the management of outsourcing services for cleaning, sanitation and management of Food & Beverage Stockage.

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